On the one hand, there is widespread understanding of the role of books in shaping the future of humanity. On the other hand, there seems to be a clear disconnect between the theory and practice. Except for obligatory textbooks, we are forgetting the role and relevance of books in our lives. We are gravitating towards newer mediums like TV, internet, etc. Often these polluting channels take most of our time leaving little or no time for the pleasures of reading.

You will agree that there is a global deluge of information today. Right from newspapers to magazines to internet to satellite television—information bombards you from everywhere. But that does not necessarily make you better informed or sapient. The vastness of information does not allow you to gain. Rather, some negative aspects can impact you negatively.

Our mission is to encourage ‘reading’ as a favorite leisure pursuit and encourage aspiring authors to recreate the magic of books so that this enabling medium can regain the lost ground and we can look forward to a better world. We believe that emphasizing on such a strategy can initiate a positive change in our society to make it a sapiential society.

Together We Can Make the Difference 


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