The definition of success is different for different individuals. And the same applies to authors. Whether you want celebrity status as a bestseller author or would just like to earn money in a constructive manner or perhaps want to leave a legacy for your family, we have the experience and expertise to take you to your destination.

Megagem Sapience is a dedicated publisher of self-help, personal growth and spiritual books. If you are an author or an aspiring author interested in publishing your work, Megagem Sapience welcomes you to submit your germane work for consideration.

Submitting a Manuscript for Publication

If you have a manuscript that you would like us to consider for publication, please provide the following information so as to enable us to process your case.

  •   Information about yourself and your qualifications to write this  book clearly delineating your   author credentials, biographic information.
  •  Summarized Information about the book. Include an outline of the book or table of contents, synopsis, two sample chapters or the complete manuscript
  •  Information about the market and competition for the book under consideration. How is your book different from and better than other similar books?
  •  State how you plan to publicize your book and other specific marketing plans to promote your book.
  •  State how it can promote fair, ethical practices in the society.

Please mail the above information to gem at megagem dot org and type ‘Submitting a Manuscript’ in the subject line for speedy perusal.

Please Note:

Include a large enough, self-addressed stamped envelope in case you want your information and/or manuscript returned. Please do not submit originals. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage. You can contact the managing editor for any query.



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