About Us

 MegageM Sapience is a non-profit organization wherein several journalists, professionals and scholars are contributing with the humble purpose of empowering the budding authors in the challenging task of spreading sapience. Megagem is dedicated to supporting innovative, cross-genre writing, with a special emphasis on self-help, personal growth and spiritual works. Our objective is to serve the humanity by promoting the sapience campaign, so that newer channels like internet, electronic media, etc can be countered effectively.

 Ours is a team of qualified and highly experienced professionals who have specialized knowledge and skills to provide focused and relevant direction to talented authors. Our editorial team comprises of former editors of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and All India Radio. Their job is to scour through the manuscripts and guide the authors to make their work more interesting, more meaningful. Our books essentially seek to improve the quality of life and work towards creating a better world for our future generations.

In sum, we aspire to produce the best books in our domains and make them available to the large number of people to help them find the true meaning and purpose of their lives.

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